Thoughts and purpose become reality.

24 May

The mystery that whatever purpose this power within us we call mind sets itself upon, fixes itself upon persistently, that purpose it is accomplishing, that purpose it is carrying out, that purpose it is ever drawing nearer to itself, not only when we work for it with the body and the intellect but we are growing ever toward it when it seems for the time forgotten, or when we are asleep. That persistent purpose, that strong desire, that never ceasing longing, is a seed in the mind, it is rooted there, it is alive, it never stops growing… This law when known, followed out, and trusted, leads every individual to mighty and beautiful results. This law, followed with our eyes open, leads to more and more happiness in life, but followed blindly, involuntarily with our eyes shut, leads to misery. 

Prentice Mulford 

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