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How to Grow Toward Your Ideal

24 Mar

All transformation begins with an intense burning desire to be transformed…

By desiring to be other than what you are, you can create an ideal of the person you want to be, and assume you are already that person.  If this assumption is persisted in until it becomes your dominant feeling, the attainment of your ideal is inevitable…

To reach a higher level of being, you must assume a higher concept of yourself.  If you will not imagine yourself as other than what you are, then you will remain as you are.

…The assumption of the feeling of the wish fulfilled makes the future dream a present fact.

…It cannot be emphasized too much that by creating an idea within your mental sphere by assuming that you are already that ideal, you identify yourself with it and thereby transform yourself into it’s image, thinking from the ideal instead of thinking of the ideal.


Neville Goddard – The Power of Awareness

Aside 15 Mar

There is no day when you will come out into the world and jump in the stream.  There is no “there.”  The people who I admire most, Ron Paul, Steve Jobs, people with integrity to their purpose, never “arrive.”  They stay at home and make the changes from there, they don’t jump into the stream of the masses.  The stream is full of misery and confusion, trust me, you don’t want to be a part of it.  Stay home and move ahead by lightyears, but know that the day will never come when you can finally cash in and jump in the stream.   If you ever do jump into the stream, that will be the day that you join the confusion and misery, and you will have to get back out as quickly as possible.  You will always stay at home and make the changes from there, or at least return there on a regular basis.  The masses and fame and attention that lifts you up is like a dopamine enhancing drug, and like all dopamine enhancing drugs, it is an artificial boom followed by a bust, and you will pay the price when you come back to reality.  You are already “there.”  The people who have gotten out of the matrix don’t jump back in just because it appears more exciting than the real world.  They know that it’s an illusion, and that they are already in the real world.   And if they want to improve their life, they improve their real life, and not the illusion.  There are no quick or magical fixes.  Everything worth anything takes time and effort, and still, the day will never come when you can jump back into the stream unless you want to feel extreme pain.  When you know this, all of the sudden your moment becomes important.  You have woken up.  When there is a destination, you think that once you reach the destination, you will start to live then, and so you neglect living now.  But once you know that you will never be free of problems, (you will just have different or more challenging ones), you will never reach a time when you begin to grow and develop on autopilot, and where you are permanently happy, or anything that you can think of as your ideal “there”.  Once you realize that, you will start living now, and realize that your dream is becoming real this exact moment, and that you have been “there” all along.  I’ve learned this by trying to jump back into the world and be blissful and ignorant again, but I have already woken up, and there is no going back.  My bliss is here, and in the knowledge that there is no there.  Think Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, Ron Paul, Anderson Silva.  You witness them in a series of “nows,” they stay in the flow and in the now because they know there is never a “there.”  When you think that there is a “there” many people are willing to sell part of themselves to get there, but when they “arrive”, they realize that nothing has changed, except they feel even worse than before.  They give up the part of themselves that makes them feel happy, in order to get to an imaginary place or life situation that will make them feel happy.  And then they wonder why they don’t feel happy, and realize that they have sold the real gold for an illusion, a horrible and miserable trade.  If you want to be rich or get to an amazing place in life, it can be done only by living now and continuing to lay your stones and build your foundation and building to the sky.  Selling a part of yourself is like taking out part of the 1st floor to speed up the building of the 3rd floor.  It doesn’t work, and you will have to start over from the 1st floor.  The key is to know that there is no “there” that you will finally reach, there is no rush, you are not going to miss out on anything, except for this moment.  We are so worried about missing out on some possible future that we miss out on the now, and thus, on our real life.  Life is the journey to success, not just the final moment when you succeed.   If you don’t like to be in relationships now, there is a good chance that unless you start to change something now, you won’t like to be in relationships when you get older.  If you don’t like working hard, there is a good chance that you won’t like working hard in the future, unless you start to change something now.  The future is just an extension of your now, it is connected to your now.  I have been separated from “the masses” the “normal things” the drinking, going out, watching tv, the making sure not to ask why or what it’s all about.  I have been out and seen it all clearly, and grown and developed at a faster rate than ever before, planning on reaching the day when I would jump back into my old life and say, “look at me! look at what I’ve become and what I’ve accomplished!”  and then joining back like I had  never left.  And as I have begun to try to do that, I started to feel extreme pain, and I’ve been thinking, and I’ve realized what I wrote above.  That day I was working for, to come back and say “look! :)” won’t come.  But that’s alright, I’m prepared to not go back.  Instead maybe I can hold the door open for others, and drop an instruction guide down, but I can’t come back down with my bliss.  So I stay here in my now and my bliss, or I return and live in misery because I will know that I had the gold and gave it up.  I’d rather stay here with my bliss and hold the door open.  I think this is happening to a lot of people..


“We have broken from reality, a psychotic nation.  Ignorance, with a pretense of knowledge, replacing wisdom.” Ron Paul